We are too like other companies,
All we do is
to meet the demand.
In our head office in Atasehir, all of our technical and managerial staff is working for the works we do to end up best and quickly.
We know that;
Today’s work
cannot be done with yesterday’s methods.
While we are producing our projects, our most important rule is the security and peacefulness of our employees.
In place of what you have wiped out
put new one so that;
The world remains livable
By planting saplings at regular intervals for each activity we have realized, we are trying to pay our debt to the nature.


Cekotaş İnşaat was founded in 2002 as a the private company of Cem Koç. After providing services in misc. areas of construction industry, in 2007, it has continued its activities as Cekotaş İnşaat San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.


We have become one of the major companies by completing major projects within a short duration of time thanks to our young and idealist staff.

Environment and Man

CEKOTAŞ CONSTRUCTION is trying to pay its debts to the nature by planting saplings at regular intervals for each activity it has realized.


We complete lots of projects like multi-storey car park, sport complex, hall, factory building, school reinforcement, max housing projects, congress and culture centre, waste water treatment plant and hospital. You can see all of our project and you can obtain all details.

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